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The Warrior's Proving

Book 3 of The Warriors of the Eclipse Series

When a vampire mother and her young child show up at their doorstep, Sonja and Dimitri must uncover an ancients prophecy that not only effects their own family, but the entire world. Will they be able to prove their strength to keep their pack safe when faced with a new evil? What will they discover about their son's future? Dive into the pages of the third book in The Warriors of the Eclipse series to find out.

Available in Both Digital & Paperback:

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The Warrior's Calling
The Warrior's Bond
The Hunted
The Warrior's Proving


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Chapter 1


I looked at the vampire mother and child and my breath caught in my chest. I had always been told of them, but had never seen one in person before. They had a allure to them that would seem unnatural, though no one would question it as they would become bewitched by their ethereal beauty. Judging by the breathtaking woman in front of me, I understand the draw.


After centuries at war with each other, vampires and werewolves had called a truce almost three hundred years ago. Both side’s populations were dwindling from the constant deaths and humans had reached an all time high of hunting us down. We came to realize that by putting an end to our squabbling, we could both thrive and stop the common enemies we shared. We learned to respect each other and while I would not call us close friends, we honored each race’s boundaries. 


I watched closely as Dimitri turned direction and led her onto our pack lands. Dimitri, my mate was Alpha of the Eclipse pack, making me the Luna. With my position in the pack, I decided to join them. Dimitri and I made eye contact as I fell in stride beside him, inching closer than normal to his shoulder. He cocked an eyebrow at me noticing my actions, but said no words.


It’s not that I did not trust my mate, but my wolf was jealous of her long legs and flawless skin. She had perfect wavy black hair that flowed down her back, not a stray hair in sight. When I looked over at her, I felt as if I myself could go weak at the knees from the entrancing look in her eyes... Feeling the effects she had on me, I felt like I needed to present my claim on Dimitri. I could see the corner of his mouth tilt up ever so slightly as the realization hit him.


Each pack member froze and watched as we walked up to the pack house. Like me, most of them likely had never seen a vampire in person. Only the experienced warriors had a knowing look on their faces. They looked more surprised that she was here rather than that of her existence. 


We entered the grand log cabin style pack house and made our way up the stairs to Dimitri’s office. Gamma Alec was already waiting when we arrived. Beta Jason, who followed soon after us, closed the door behind him, joining the rest of us as we found our seats among the chairs and sofa placed around the room. Dimitri sat on the loveseat along one wall allowing me to sit close to him, making the physical contact my wolf demanded at the moment.


Dimitri spoke first, “This is my Luna, Sonja.” He patted my leg with his hand, resting it on top of my thigh when he was done. “My Beta Jason,” he used his thumb to point to the chair to his right. “And my Gamma Alec.” He pointed across with his index finger to Alec. 


“You informed me at our boundary a little of why you are here. Please start at the beginning so that my pack mates can have the whole story.”


“My name is Miroslava, but I go by Mira now. This is my son Garridan. We have come to you for help. I am friends with Luna Eva of the Moonfall Pack. I believe she is your sister, Alpha Dimitri?” 


“She is. How have you two become friends?”


“I had befriended her when my beloved, Blazh, and I lived in the town nearest to their pack. I was with child at the time and she took pity on my long pregnancy. She knew that it is hard for us to stay in one place when we are with child as we are pregnant for two years. She offered a place within her pack so that we would not have to keep moving around. Around six months before Garridan was born, Blazh decided that it was time for us to move on. He had wanted the birth to be a private affair between the two of us, celebrating the addition to our own family on our own. Though we were thankful for their welcoming nature, we could not hide out there forever.”


“What type of help do you need from us?”


“Luna Eva had told me how your pack was powerful and that you hired out your services. I find myself in need of those services now. I am willing to pay whatever your fee is.”


“You still have not told us what it is you are requesting from us?”


Mira looked at the window and I could see the glimmer of a tear in her eye. She wiped her eye not allowing it to free itself when she looked back at us. “Just over a month ago, we were attacked in our home. They came during late morning. I was feeding Garridan when I heard our backdoor being kicked in. Brazh went flying out of our bedroom and rushed to where the noise had came from. There was a flurry of sounds that came from that room. I heard all sorts of growls, sounding like several types of animals. .”


The pain on her face was unbearable to take in as she continued sharing with us, “Brazh called out to me to run. I ran down the hall to the bedrooms. I tore open the window in Garridan’s  nursery and took off. We flew over our back fence and I used my speed to run us to safety. I heard someone chasing me but I did not dare looking back. I was afraid I would trip or run into something. We never use our speed out in the open in fear that a human will see us, but it was all that I could do to protect my son.”


“We had always had a back up plan wherever we moved just in case we had to separate. I followed the plan we had set up when we first arrived in Oregon. I made my way up the coast until I reached a small motel on the other side of the Washington border. I waited for weeks, but Brazh never came.”


She took a moment. I could see her struggling. “I went to look for him. When I went back to our house, I…I found him. He never made it out. He had been torn apart. I knew I had to get out of there so I took off. Whoever attacked us must have been watching the house because I realized that I was being followed. I dumped my car in the forest and ran as fast as I could making it to the California border. That is when I remembered Luna Eva telling me that the Eclipse pack was in northern California too. I took it as a sign and found my way here.”


“Do you have any idea who was following you?” Jason asked her.


“They were in a black SUV They followed us all of the way out of the city. They were not being secretive. I could tell they were large. Based on their size and their scent, I believe that they were shifters, but I could not be sure. Their smell was… off.”


“Why come to shifters if they were the ones following you?” Dimitri chimed in.

“I trust Luna Eva. She had nothing but good things to say about you. I hoped that I could trust you.”


Garridan chatted away as he played with his mother’s hair. His deep onyx eyes watched us as if he could read our souls. “We will need to verify your story. It should only take a couple of days. Give all the necessary information to Beta Jason. You can stay here until then. Luna Sonja will set you up in a room here at the pack house. Until we can assess the situation, I ask that you remain within the pack house.”


“Thank you.”



Chapter 2


As we all stood up, I walked over to Mira. “My name is Sonja. Let me show you to your room.”


She smiled warmly at me, “That would be nice, thank you.”


As we walked through the hallways leading to our guest wing, We made small talk, “Your son is beautiful. I have never seen eyes like his before, black as night.”


“Yes, he was born on the fall equinox and I like to think that it created a stronger bond to Nyx, our Goddess.”


I stopped walking and looked at her stunned. “Our son, Ivan was born on the winter solstice. His eyes are the most beautiful silver as if the moon shines through them. We have assumed that it was a sign of a connection to the Moon Goddess, Selene.”


She looked at me just as stunned as I was. “How old is your son?”


“He will be one next month.”


“Our sons are close to the same age, Garridan is fourteen months now.”


My mind tried to wrap around the coincidence. Both of our sons were born on the sacred days of our deities, they both had unique eyes, connecting them to their gods. Nyx was the Night Goddess and celebrated at the fall equinox, bringing in the dark of winter. She had created vampires the same time that Selene, our Moon Goddess, created shifters. 


As if neither of us knew what to say further, Mira looked down the hall and took another step forward. I quickened my pace to catch up, heading to her room. I opened to door for her revealing a decent sized room with a king sized bed and ensuite bathroom.


The same combination of hand pulled log walls and painted drywall that could be found around the entire pack house resided in her room as well. The bed was positioned against the far wall between two large windows lined in rough lumber. They over looked a small garden before the forest took over. 


There was a decent sized dresser, a desk, and two lounge chairs throughout the room. Warm off white cushions and pillows adorned the chairs and heavy furs draped across the corner of the off-white bedspread. In the corner was a small metal fireplace with a stack of wood ready by its side. 


“Please let me know if you require anything further for you or your son.”


“I appreciate your hospitality. Do you have some diapers and wipes? I fear I am running low.”


“Of course. I will send up all of the essentials both of you would need. Does he need a crib or toys?”


“I do not think I could sleep apart from him right now, but some toys would be appreciated.”


“No problem. I also have a room downstairs set up with a bounty of toys and other baby entertainment. We run a mom’s group here twice a week. You are welcome to join us.”


She looked at me with a sense of longing on her face. I assumed that she was not exposed to many other mothers. I knew that vampires typically kept to themselves, even more so when they had a child. Non-human children ran a higher risk of exposure which was one law we could not break under punishment of death.


“I would like that.”


“Great! The next one will be on Monday. I will let you know the details.”


She smiled at me and sat down on the edge of the bed. I let myself out, mind linking a few pack members to bring her the things they needed. I returned to Dimitri’s office, knocking lightly as I entered. He was on the phone. I walked behind him and rubbed his tight shoulder muscles.


“You’re sure she is no threat?” He asked into his phone.


“No, for the twentieth time Dimitri…she is one of the kindest people I have ever met. If something happened to them, you need to help.”


I recognized the voice as Dimitri’s sister Eva. After I finished training in the initial warrior program, we took a few days off to travel to the Moonfall pack where she and her mate, James resided as Alpha and Luna. She was a stark contrast to her brother’s personality. Bubbly was the best was to describe her as she bounced around throwing compliments and smiles in every direction. 


“I will look into it. If you hear anything, let me know right away.”


“I will! Don’t worry sweet brother. I have no doubt that you will figure this out and kick the shit out of anyone who is stupid enough to get in your way.”


Dimitri grumbled into the phone. He ended the phone call and sat back in his chair running his hand down his face. I found my way into his lap and laid soft kisses against his lips. He wrapped his strong large hands around my waist, pulling me closer. He rested his face in the crook of my neck breathing in my scent to calm himself. 


“What do you think?” I asked.


He let out a sigh, keeping his face hidden in my hair. “I am sending a small team of warriors to her house to see if they can find anything. We will bring her mate’s body back if it is still there so that she can say her goodbyes. I am sending another group out to Michigan. If they came from there, perhaps there is a clue about who is after them.”


“Very thorough…” I said as my mind wandered, “I find it interesting that they were waiting at the house. It seems like they were targeted. I wonder if it was Garridan they were after?” Dimitri pulled back and looked at me with his signature, inquisitive face, urging me on to continue. 


I obliged, “He has such unique eyes. Eyes like I have never seen or heard of before. Perhaps he is special.”


Dimitri’s long fingers stroked his chin as he thought about my words. “Hmm, perhaps you are right. I will have Jason look into it more.”


“I, um…I also found out…”


His eyes locked on me sensing my hesitation. His stare felt like a weight on my shoulders that I both fought against and was desperate to relieve. “I also found out that he and Ivan were both born on the sacred days of their gods.”


His stare did not falter as I paused waiting for a response. With none in sight I carried on. “There is a connection. They were both born on their deity’s sacred day and they both have the eyes of their gods. What if it means something? And…,” I took a deep breath before speaking my thoughts aloud, “what if whoever is after Garridan comes after Ivan?”


Dimitri let out a low growl that shook the pictures on the wall. “Nothing will harm our son. I will protect him.” 


There was so much certainty in his voice. I knew that he would do anything to protect us. His reaction at even a hint of trouble only cemented the thought into my mind. He would eliminate any possible threat. 

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