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Forest Road


The Warriors Calling-1.jpg

Book 1 in the Warriors of the Eclipse Series

Sonja has dreamed of being chosen for the elite warrior training program at the Eclipse pack since she was a young pup.  She had to push herself harder, proving herself as one of the few female warriors out there. After being excepted into to program, she meets her mate. Not only her mate, but the Alpha of the training pack. Her life is changed forever. Can she find the balance between being a warrior and being mated to an Alpha?


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The Warriors Bond-1.jpg

Book 2 in the Warriors of the Eclipse Series

We return to Sonja and Dimitri as they prepare to welcome their first child. As they find their footing as new parents, the Eclipse pack receives word of missing werewolves in Finland. The Talvi Kuu pack reaches out requesting the help of the powerful Alpha Dimitri. Sonja must learn what it takes to be the luna of a warrior for hire pack and how to hold strong as the separation from her mate tears away at her. She will do whatever it takes to keep her mate and her pack safe.

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The Hunted-1.jpg

Part of the Warriors of the Eclipse Series

A side story of the Warriors of the Eclipse series, The Hunted shares the story of Kaarina Takala who lives a peaceful, happy life in the Talvi Kuu pack. Her life is suddenly upturned when her once serene community is gripped with fear as pack members begin disappearing. What will become of the Talvi Kuu pack and will Kaarina be able to stay safe?

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The Warriors Proving-1.jpg

Book 3 in the Warriors of the Eclipse Series

When a vampire mother and her young child show up at their doorstep, Sonja and Dimitri must uncover an ancients prophecy that not only effects their own family, but the entire world. Will they be able to prove their strength to keep their pack safe when faced with a new evil? What will they discover about their son's future? Dive into the pages of the third book in The Warriors of the Eclipse series to find out.

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The Stolen Heart .jpg


After witnessing her entire family and birth pack being slaughtered in front of her eyes as a young child, Alika was stolen into a life of servitude, being forced to care for the notorious Deadbite Pack until they planned to mate her to one of their sons once she gained her wolf. Knowing that there was no way she could survive being stuck with them forever, she chose to escape, fleeing across the the island of Drofiqar, one of the isles of wolf shifters. Will she be able to survive? Will she find a home and place where she can feel safe, and perhaps...find love?

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The Wiccan's Alpha.png

Book 1 in The Wiccan Saga

Juniper was raised within her coven by her Gran refining her powers and living a peaceful life within their settlement. When the opportunity came to travel with her aunt to Vancouver, she jumped at the opportunity. She never expected to feel pulled to something hidden in the dense forest around their cabin. She is soon faced with a decision. Should she leave everyone she loves and the only life she knows behind or does she turn away from the gift Selene, the Moon Goddess has given her?

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Wiccans Alpha2 Image2.jpeg

Book 2 in The Wiccan Saga

In the second installment of The Wiccan Saga, Juniper who is on a visit to her coven quickly discovers a danger lurking at their borders. Her coven, who chooses to simply ignore it, believes it will go away in time. Juniper must face her coven and convince them to allow her to help them defeat this danger before it is too late. Will she succeed or will her coven succumb to the evil in the wilds?


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Wiccans Circle.jpeg

Book 3 in The Wiccan Saga

Juniper spends time with her fathers pack learning what it means to be a sister,  daughter, and Luna. When a new threat comes after her family,  the West Moon pack stands shoulder to shoulder to help protect them, Juniper and Forest at the front. Will she be able to protect her new found family, or will their adversaries be able to break them down?



Coming April 6, 2024!

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