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The Warrior's Bond

Book 2 of The Warriors of the Eclipse Series

We return to Sonja and Dimitri as they prepare to welcome their first child. As they find their footing as new parents, the Eclipse pack receives word of missing werewolves in Finland. The Talvi Kuu pack reaches out requesting the help of the powerful Alpha Dimitri. Sonja must learn what it takes to be the luna of a warrior for hire pack and how to hold strong as the separation from her mate tears away at her. She will do whatever it takes to keep her mate and her pack safe.

Available in Both Digital & Paperback:

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The Warrior's Calling
The Warrior's Bond
The Hunted
The Warrior's Proving


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Chapter 1


“Sonja, would you please sit down.” Dimitri rushed after me as I carried a tray of food out to one of the tables. We were preparing for our annual Winter Solstice festival. Dimitri, my mate was the Alpha of the Eclipse pack, making me the Luna. One of the Luna’s responsibilities was planning pack events. Alec, our gamma, had been covering all of my duties while I finished the warrior training program. 


The Eclipse pack were known for having the toughest warriors and had opened up their training program to all of their allied packs. They allowed each pack to send three of their own warriors to the year long program every June. It was my attendance to this program that led me to meet my mate. It was love at first sight and he claimed me the night we met. 


I finished the initial program at the end of the following May and had planned to attend the next training program. Six months of additional training reserved only for Eclipse warriors that would have began in September, however I discovered a great blessing from the Moon Goddess. We were expecting our first pup.


This little one was coming a few years, or decades, before I would have preferred. I was only 22 and Dimitri just 26. Most wolves had their pups far into their 30’s and 40’s. Many still into their 50’s. We aged at half the speed of humans and lived an average of 150 years. That leaves us plenty of time to have pups. Even being so young, Dimitri and I are both elated at the addition. 


He had gone into hyper protective mode as soon as I shared the news with him. He assigned my personal guard, Liam, to be with me whenever he was not. He even moved Liam into the pack house so that he was close by should the need for protecting me arise. For the last five and a half months Dimitri has been following me around, getting after me anytime I lifted a finger. He was constantly picking me up and carrying me around. 


Dealing with him had been more exasperating than the pregnancy itself. Luckily I only have a few more days to go. Werewolves, like myself, only carry our pups six month rather than the nine or so humans do. It goes along with our rapid healing. Our bodies are able reproduce cells mush faster than humans.


“Sonja, for the last time, please sit down.” I had just sat the tray of food down and turned to head back into the pack house kitchen to get the next tray when Dimitri picked me up bridal style and carried me into one of the sitting rooms on the other side of the house, placing me down gently of the dark brown leather sofa. He leaned down in front of me, looking me in the eyes. “You are too close to your due date to be doing all of this.” He reach out and placed his hand gently on my swollen belly.


“Where is Liam? He should be doing this for you!”


“He is.” I said with a laugh. Had we not left the room he would have seen Liam hauling out his own trays.


A low rumble came from Dimitri’s chest. “I will have to have a talk with him about this. He should know better than to have you doing work.”


“Dimitri, there is too much to do. And do you really think Liam is able to stop me? I promise I am not doing any heavy lifting, just let me take care of these things. The festival dinner will begin in half an hour.” 


“Let someone else do it. There are plenty of pack members here to help.” He huffed out.


“But this is my event, I know exactly what is supposed to be done.”


His eyes glazed over as he mind linked someone. Oh, great… What is he up to know?


Alec came barreling through the front door into the pack house before speeding into the room we were in. I let out a little laugh watching him speed past everyone. I wonder what Dimitri told him to get him to hustle like that.


“Alpha, Luna!” he said while trying to catch his breath. He bowed his head in submission, showing his respect for us. 


“You are now your Luna’s servant for the rest of the night. What ever she needs done, you will do it. I do not want to see her running around anymore. Do you understand me?”


“Yes, Alpha.” He said as he bowed again.


“I have to go make a phone call to the Crescent Moon pack out in Virginia real quick. I will be back in time for the dinner.” He leaned down and kissed the top of my head.


We both watched him walk away before I stood up and gave Alec a little push to his shoulder. “What did he threaten you with?” I asked with a little laugh.


“He told me that I would be leading the night patrol for the next six months if I wasn’t in here in the next two minutes.” I bursted out laughing. 


Alec scrunched his nose as my reaction. “What did you do to get him to make the threat?“ he said, raising his eyebrows playfully at me.


“Agh, you know him! I’m not allowed to do anything! All I did was bring a tray of food out from the kitchen.” This time Alec burst out laughing. 


“Alright then Luna, I’m at your service.” He bowed his full body throwing his arm out to the side in exaggeration.


We laughed together as we made our way back through the pack house to the dining hall. We had spent the whole day in the village square where a small market had been set up. Activities ran across the pack grounds. One of my favorites was the snowball fight arena that I had set up at the training grounds. After watching all of the visiting warriors last year run around like children tossing snow balls at each other, I knew I wanted to plan something official. 


I had come back from the village half an hour ago the help the kitchen staff set up for the feast. All I was doing was moving some of the trays of food out from the kitchen. This was just another over reaction from Dimitri. But if he wanted Alec to do my bidding while I put me feet up, I won’t complain. Alec set a chair up for me near the door to the kitchen along with a second one for my feet.


I sat down and propped my feet up as Alec wondered into the kitchen, returning soon after with a tray of food. “Where would you like this my lady?” He said sarcastically. 


“Alright, enough of that. Just put one tray on each table.” 


“As my lady wishes.”


Agh, Alec can really grind on a girl’s nerves. I watched as he, Liam and several others placed a tray on each table. We liked to serve our pack meals family style, but with almost 500 wolves in our pack, that meant that we had to have a good amount of space to fit them in and even more serving set ups. 


Our dining room was arranged  with five long rows of tables. Each row consisted of ten tables lined up with with chairs on either side. All together, each row could hold up to 100 pack members. 


At the far end of the room was a step up to a low platform that held the heads of the pack. Of course, my mate, Dimitri and I would be seated there. He was the Alpha and leader of the pack. We sat centered on the table. 


To our right was the pack Beta, Jason and his mate Hillary. Jason was second in charge and responsible for pack safety, which included all of the warriors and patrols. He was in charge of the pack when Dimitri and I were gone. 


To our left was Alec, the Gamma and third in charge. He was in responsible for the internal structure of the pack. He made sure that we had enough housing for all of our members and that all of the the facilities were properly maintained. Before I took over my responsibilities, they landed on him. He was also in charge of my safety. He made sure I had my personal guard when needed and would often accompany me himself if something posed enough risk. 


All of us sat facing the rest of the pack. It had the same feeling of the old monarchies, but we did not try put ourselves over the others. It was just simply good for the whole pack to be able to see us present.


Behind our table was a giant wall of windows overlooking the meadow behind the pack house. The whole building was a giant log cabin. Full length logs lined the windows and the rustic tables matched the worn hardwood floors and the black cast iron chandeliers suspended from the ceiling.


I watched as everyone finished setting out the trays. I reached out and gently grabbed Monica’s arm as she passed by me. She was an older petite woman who was in charge of the kitchen. She kept a tight ship but was one of the nicest people I had ever met. “Monica, you out did yourself once again. Thank you for all of your hard work.” 


“Thank you, Luna.” She bowed her head at the compliment. “I am glad to see you resting. Those last few weeks are always the hardest, dear.” 


“Yes, well, Alpha Dimitri will have it no other way.“ I laughed.


“Good for him, he knows how precious you both are.” she said with a kind smile as she patted my hand on her arm. I gave her a little smile before she headed back into the kitchen.

Pack members were beginning to  trickle into the dining hall and I decided to go find Dimitri.



Chapter 2


I was half way up the stairs before I saw Dimitri coming down. “Why are you up on your feet again?” He said in a serious tone. 


“I just came to find you. Now we can go in together.” I said smirking at him. He held onto my arm as we turned back down the stairs. At least half of the pack had flooded in by the time we returned. We walked up to our table. Dimitri pulled my chair out and helped me down before he sat himself. Jason, Hillary and Alec joined us as the last of the pack found their seats.


In tradition, Dimitri filled our plates and fed me the first bite, while he took the second. It was to show the Alpha’s respect for his mate and the packs respect for the Alpha, that no one ate before them. We indulged in the magnificent feast of caribou wellington, roast venison and rabbit stew. Along side the main dishes, we had mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and parsnips, a wintergreen salad, sautéed asparagus, and dinner rolls. Werewolves ate a lot as we had fast metabolisms. Every meal was a feast, but on special days like today, we went above and beyond.


We laughed and joked about the day’s festivities while we watched the rest of the pack enjoy themselves. Some of my favorite moments were when we could bring the whole pack together like this. At least most of them. We still had warriors on patrol and a few pack members that tended to the hospital, but Monica would save them a whole serving for themselves. 


Several pups were chasing each other around the tables as their mothers called to them to return. They dove under the tables to hide from them when they got close. I laughed as I watched, resting a hand on my belly. Soon we would have a pup to join in the shenanigans. I reached over and held Dimitris hand under the table. He looked over at me before following my eyes. He gave a slight smile before giving my hand a squeeze.


As everyone finished up the last of their meals, Dimitri stood to give his speech which he did every year. “Eclipse pack, another year has passed us by, and once again the Moon Goddess has blessed us. We were able to complete the new homes, showing the growth in our pack. Our warriors have been victorious in their endeavors. We have welcomed many new pups and possibly have our future Alpha on the way.” 


We had waited to find out if we would be having a boy or girl. If we have a boy, he would be next in line to become Alpha. If we had a girl, she would become Luna only if we did not have any boys. The succession always went to the next male heir as they were the ones to become Alpha. Alpha’s are blessed with extra strength, sharpened senses and strong leadership skills. Luna’s on the other hand, were the heart of the pack. They held the pact together and gave strength and love to the whole pack. I myself am a warrior, but I find my role of Luna very fitting with my personality. I have a strong desire to take care of my pack members and I help level out Dimitri. It is a bond created by the moon goddess to protect her children.


Dimitri carried on, “With the Winter Solstice, we find a stronger connection to the Moon Goddess and the natural world. We feel that bond tonight. It is now time that we thank the Moon Goddess for gazing  down upon us.” He reached down and helped me up and grabbed a candle from the table in front of him, handing it me before picking up one for himself. Another tradition of the winter solstice is that we light candles and place them on a platform in the meadow for the Moon Goddess. We all leave notes of gratitude and gifts for her along side the candles. 


Dimitri lit my candle, and as he went to light his own, a strong tightness filled my belly and fluid rushed down my legs. I dropped my candle, grabbing hold of the table to steady myself. The whole pack froze as they watched me. 


Dimitri grabbed ahold of me to steady me. A look of panic evident on his face. He looked down at the floor and saw the pool of liquid at my feet. He scooped my up in his arms as he ran out of the pack house with me. I could hear others running behind us. I looked over his shoulder and saw Doctor June and my best friend Alexandria, who was a nurse at the pack hospital. 


Dimitri rushed through the doors of the hospital, making his way up the main set of stairs, down a hall and into one of the rooms. He gently laid me down on the bed still holding my hand. As Doctor June came in after him, his wolf let out a low growl. She stopped in her tracks with Alexandria behind her. “Alpha, we need to attend to the Luna.” She said with her head bowed in submission. She was trying to appease his wolf.


“Dimitri, come on.” I said softly as I rubbed the top of his hand with my other. “There is no need to panic. It is just time for our baby to come into this world. And what more of a spectacular time than during the winter solstice.” He looked down at me and calmed himself down before nodding to the doctor to come in. 


They changed me into a hospital gown before hooking me up to all sorts of monitors. They stuck them across my chest and a large band across my belly so that they could monitor the baby. Hearing his child's heart beat brought an instant calm to Dimitri as he turned to watch the little line on the screen jump up and down with each thump of the baby’s heart. 


“Alright Luna, I need to check how far you are. Have you been feeling any cramping or pains today?” she asked as she put my legs in the stirrups. 


“No, nothing more than the usual.” I replied. 


She nodded “Well, Luna, looks like this will be a quick one. You are already seven centimeters. Only three more to go.” Another contraction hit me and I squeezed Dimitri’s hand. “Since your water broke, it will progress fast. Prepare yourself. Alexandria and I are going to change and wash up. We will be back in just a few minutes. If you need anything, just push the button on the wall next to you and we will come right back.”


“Thank you Doctor June, “ I said, settling into the bed. I could feel Dimitri’s restlessness. I took a deep breath before another contraction hit. He never let go of my hand and let me squeeze as tight as I needed, as I worked through each wave of unpleasantness . By the time Alexandria and Doctor June returned, my contractions were strong and close together. They removed the monitors off of my chest so I could move around. I was leaning on Dimitris chest, breathing long deep breaths. When she checked me again twenty minutes later, I was at ten centimeters and I prepared to start pushing. 


I thought we were going to have to call Jason and the others to try and hold back Dimitri when I started to screamed out through the pushing. His wolf was loosing it to the sound of my pain. He was just barely able to hold on as he heard the first cry of our beautiful son. They laid him against my chest and we both cried tears of joy looking at him for the first time. Doctor June and Alexandria gave us the room so that we could bond as our new family unit…

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