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A Peek Inside: The Stolen Heart

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

With just over a month away from the release of The Stolen Heart: A Journey of Love & Danger by author Ayla Volk, we want to take you inside what's to come!

Set in a primitive world where wolf shifter live throughout in their families tribes, Ayla Volk creates a harrowing journey of one girls escape from her enslavement.

"I wanted to create a world that would lend to the wolves more primitive and natural setting. Living in family groups, led by an Alpha couple. I imagined how they would continue on with their species if they did not have these large packs to pull from. What would it look like? The Stolen Heart is what I imagined that world would be."

-Ayla Volk

After witnessing her entire family and birth pack being slaughtered in front of her eyes as a young child, Alika was stolen into a life of servitude, being forced to care for the notorious Deadbite Pack until they planned to mate her to one of their sons once she gained her wolf. Knowing that there was no way she could survive being stuck with them forever, she chose to escape, fleeing across the the island of Drofiqar, one of the isles of wolf shifters. Will she be able to survive? Will she find a home and place where she can feel safe, and perhaps...find love?

"I am very excited for this new universe. Alika, the main character who has been pushed down for most of her life must break free and discover who she is and how her her past will effect the choices she makers."

-Ayla Volk

Coming Soon

October 7, 2023

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